Ship Type: Capital
Primary Role: Support
Shield Power: High
Hull Points: Very High
Armor Level: High
Armor Type: Capital
Antimatter: Unknown
Weapons (Fore): 4 x AutoCannons / 2 x Ship-to-Ship Missile Launchers / Ship-to-Surface Nuclear Missiles
Weapons (Side): 4 x Heavy Pulse Lasers (Starboard / Port)
Squadrons Supported: 1 - 3
Special Abilities: Shield Restore / EMP Charge / Magnetize / Flux Field
Compliment: 2,700
Cost: 3000 Credits 400 Metal 250 Crystal
Build Time: 68 Seconds
Supply: 50
Hull: 2800
Armor: 4
Sheilds: 1125
Antimatter: 280
Average AutoCannon Damage: 6
Average Laser Damage: 34
Average Missle Damage: 6
Planet Bombing Damage: 43

The recent and unexpected arrival of hostile forces in TEC systems meant that constructing a sufficiently large fleet of warships from scratch was impossible. With desperate times calling for desperate measures, TEC engineers began cannibalizing parts of the large civilian merchant fleet as a quick means to militarization. In spite of its cargo freighter heritage, Dunov-class battlecruisers make a respectable and welcome addition to TEC battle groups. Extracted from the game manual.

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