The Empire tree is the noncombat research tree for the Vasari.

Nanotechnology Edit

Introduces advanced nanomachine technologies ranging from medicine to resource generation, trade, construction and more.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Improved Salvaging0"ScuttleRateAdjustment" perLevelValue: +50.0%, "ScuttleValueAdjustment" perLevelValue: +20.0%400$ 0m 25c
Artificial Longevity1"PopulationGrowthRateAdjustment" +20.0%600$ 50m 100c
Resource Sublimation1"ExtractionRateMetalAdjustment" +5.0%, "ExtractionRateCrystalAdjustment" +5.0%600$ 50m 100c
Orbital Processing2Entanglement Filtering800$ 100m 175c
Wreckage Auto-Salvage2Improved Salvaging"SalvageWreckagePercent" +8.3%800$ 100m 175c
Entanglement Filtering2Resource Sublimation"ExtractionRateMetalAdjustment" +5.0%, "ExtractionRateCrystalAdjustment" +5.0%800$ 100m 175c
Off-World Exports31000$ 150m 250c
Trauma Nanomedicine3Artificial Longevity"BombingPopulationKilledPercAsDamageTarget" +10.0%1000$ 150m 250c
Catalyzed Atomic Sorting4Entanglement Filtering"ExtractionRateMetalAdjustment" +5.0%, "ExtractionRateCrystalAdjustment" +5.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Valuable Goods4Off-World Exports"TradeGoodsValueAdjustment" +7.5%1200$ 200m 325c
Power Draining Nanites41200$ 200m 325c
Molecular Assembly5"ModuleBuildRateAdjustment" +5.0%1400$ 250m 400c
Enhanced Nanites5Power Draining Nanites1400$ 250m 400c
Matter Decompilation6Catalyzed Atomic Sorting"ExtractionRateMetalAdjustment" +5.0%, "ExtractionRateCrystalAdjustment" +5.0%1600$ 300m 475c
Optimized Construction6"ResourceCostAdjustment" +4.0%1600$ 300m 475c
Priceless Goods6Valuable Goods"TradeGoodsValueAdjustment" +7.5%1600$ 300m 475c

Phase MasteryEdit

Gives access to phase space monitior research, phasic barriers, FTL transmission, phase stabilation, and access to the Dark Fleet.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Phase Space Monitoring0"HyperspaceDetectionOneJump" 400$ 0m 25c
Phasic Barrier2800$ 100m 175c
Phasic Cloaking31000$ 150m 250c
Worm Hole Stabilization3"AllowWormHoleTravel" 1000$ 150m 250c
Extended Range Sensors3Phase Space Monitoring"HyperspaceDetectionTwoJumps" 1000$ 150m 250c
Gravity Tolerance4"HyperspaceExitDistanceAdjustment" -6.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Phase Tunneling41200$ 200m 325c
Phasic Transmissions5"PlanetSlotsShipsAdjustment" +7.5%1400$ 250m 400c
Enhanced Tunneling6Phase Tunneling"HyperspaceSpeedPhaseGateAdjustment" +20.0%1600$ 300m 475c
Returning Armada7Enhanced Tunneling1800$ 350m 550c
Highly Attuned Sensors7Extended Range Sensors"HyperspaceDetectionAnyJumps" 1800$ 350m 550c


Provides access to planet occupation methods, propaganda, trade and enslavement abilites.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Full Terran Lockdown0"PlanetPopulationCapAdjustment" +7.5% for "Terran" planets400$ 0m 25c
Fortification Specialists0"PlanetUpgradeBuildRateAdjustment" +40.0% for "Infrastructure" planet upgrades, "PlanetUpgradeCostAdjustment" +25.0% for "Infrastructure" planet upgrades400$ 0m 25c
Expert Bounty Hunting0"BountyCollectedAdjustment" +12.5%400$ 0m 25c
Arctic Occupation1"PlanetIsColonizable" for "Ice" planets600$ 50m 100c
Volcanic Occupation1"PlanetIsColonizable" for "Volcanic" planets600$ 50m 100c
Raider Xenophobia1"PirateStrengthAgainstYouAdjustment" -10.0%600$ 50m 100c
Compelling Propaganda2800$ 100m 175c
Enslaved Labor2"CreditCostAdjustment" +4.0%800$ 100m 175c
Subzero Biology2Arctic Occupation"PlanetPopulationCapAdjustment" +7.5% for "Ice" planets800$ 100m 175c
Extreme Heat Metabolism3Volcanic Occupation"PlanetPopulationCapAdjustment" +7.5% for "Volcanic" planets1000$ 150m 250c
Regimented Thought3Compelling Propaganda"CultureSpreadRateAdjustment" +5.0%, "CultureWeaponDamageAdjustment" +3.8%1000$ 150m 250c
Shock and Awe4Regimented Thought"CapitalShipCultureProtectRateAdjustment" +20.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Sulfurous Respiration4Extreme Heat Metabolism"PlanetPopulationCapAdjustment" +7.5% for "Volcanic" planets1200$ 200m 325c
Cunning Sympathizers5Regimented Thought"CultureSpreadRateAdjustment" +5.0%, "CultureWeaponDamageAdjustment" +3.8%1400$ 250m 400c

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