Halcyon Carrier
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Primary Role: Squadron Support
Hull Points: 2075 (+90/lvl)
Shield Power: 1600 (+175/lvl)
Armor Level: 3.5 (+0.35/lvl)
Weapons (Side): 2 x Heavy Beam Cannons (Starboard / Port) /
2 x Pulse Laser Batteries (Starboard / Port) /
Ship-to-Surface Kinetic Bolts
Beam DPS: 20
Laser DPS: 14
Bombing DPS: 37
+DPS/lvl 8%
Strikecraft: 2 (+0.5/lvl)
Antimatter: 270 (+30/lvl )
Cost 3000 credits, 400 metal, 200 crystal
Supply Slots 50
Build Time 75 seconds

Responsible for remotely piloting groups of the Drone fighters, Drone Anima are valued crewmembers aboard all Advent capital ships. The most veteran of this caste are reserved for positions aboard Halcyon Carriers; leveraging the piloting skill of these elite Psintegrat allows the ship to host a veritable swarm of strike craft. Halcyon Carriers employ a number of systems to augment the combat effectiveness of their own fighter wings, as well as those of allies. Extracted from the game manual.

Telekinetic Push
Type: Active
Target: Enemy fighters
Cost: 90
Cooldown: 10 sec
Duration: 15 sec
Range: 4200
Effects: Damage: 20 -> 30 -> 40

Max speed: 25% -> 50% -> 75%
Acceleration: 25% -> 50% -> 75%

Adept Drone Anima
Type: Passive
Target: Self
Effects: Extra fighters: 1->2->3
Amplify Energy Aura
Type: Passive
Target: Friendly ships in range
Range: 8000
Effects: Energy weapons cooldown: -8%->15%->22%
Anima Tempest
Type: Active
Target: Self
Cost: 150
Cooldown: 180 sec
Effects: Deploys additional drones

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