Hoshiko Robotics Cruiser
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Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Repair/Support
Shield Power: 325
Hull Points: 775
Armor Level: 3
Armor Type: Heavy
Weapons (Fore): Heavy Pulse Laser
Damage Type: Antiheavy
Antimatter: 350
Abilities: Repair Drones / Demolition Bots
Cost 350 credits, 30 metal, 50 crystal
Supply Slots 4
Build Time 24
.entity Filename FrigateTechUtility1.entity

Like most of the TEC fleet, the Hoshiko was not designed specifically for combat, but it did find a natural niche in battle due to its unique shape, which offers a near 360 degree launch angle for its droids. Using swarms of unmanned repair drones, the Hoshiko can quickly patch up a damaged vessel and keep it in the fight. They also carry a supply of demolition bots that can wreck havoc on the engines and weapons of even the most heavily armored frigates and cruisers. Crewed by perhaps the most eccentric of the TEC roster, the Hokoes‘ are obsessive tinkerers and take great pride in their uniqueness and ability to engineer ultimate droids.Extracted from the game manual

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