The Hostility Tree is the combat research tree for the Advent.


Provide access to refined weapons, antimatter regeneration, and shield technologies.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Refined Laser Cannons0"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Laserpsi" weapons400$ 0m 25c
Basic Shield Projection0"ShieldPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "ShieldPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%400$ 0m 25c
Burst Modulated Lasers1Refined Laser Cannons"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Laserpsi" weapons600$ 50m 100c
PsiTech Shield Emitters1Basic Shield Projection"ShieldPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "ShieldPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%600$ 50m 100c
Improved Containment1"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Plasma" weapons600$ 50m 100c
Inspired Reactor Design2"AntimatterCapacityAdjustment" +5.0%, "AntimatterRegenAdjustment" +5.0%800$ 100m 175c
High Intensity Plasma2Improved Containment"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Plasma" weapons800$ 100m 175c
Improved Beam Emitters2"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Beam" weapons800$ 100m 175c
PsiTech Powered Lasers3Burst Modulated Lasers"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Laserpsi" weapons1000$ 150m 250c
Beam Amplification3Improved Beam Emitters"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Beam" weapons1000$ 150m 250c
Potent Shield Generation3PsiTech Shield Emitters"ShieldPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "ShieldPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1000$ 150m 250c
Strong Plasma Ejection4High Intensity Plasma"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Plasma" weapons1200$ 200m 325c
Quick Reaction Cycling4Inspired Reactor Design"AntimatterCapacityAdjustment" +5.0%, "AntimatterRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Superior Emission Coils5Beam Amplification"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Beam" weapons1400$ 250m 400c
Raised Shield Harmonics5Potent Shield Generation"ShieldMaxMitigationAdjustment" +2.0%1400$ 250m 400c
Rapid Plasma Generation6Strong Plasma Ejection"WeaponRateOfFireAdjustment" +5.0% for "Plasma" weapons1600$ 300m 475c
Precision Beam Focus6Superior Emission Coils"WeaponRangeAdjustment" +4.0% for "Beam" weapons1600$ 300m 475c
Synergistic Reactions6Quick Reaction Cycling"AntimatterCapacityAdjustment" +5.0%, "AntimatterRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1600$ 300m 475c


Including new and improved defensive structures, ship designs, and special psionic attacks.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Purge Vessel Design0400$ 0m 25c
Skilled Hangar Anima1Hangar Defense"HangarFightersPerSquadAdjustment" +100.0%600$ 50m 100c
Drone Host Design1600$ 50m 100c
Defense Vessel Design1600$ 50m 100c
Illuminator Design2800$ 100m 175c
Guardian Design2PsiTech Shield Emitters800$ 100m 175c
Steal Antimatter2800$ 100m 175c
Martyrdom31000$ 150m 250c
Repulsion4Guardian Design1200$ 200m 325c
Crusader Design41200$ 200m 325c
Subjugator Design41200$ 200m 325c
Deceptive Illusion4Illuminator Design1200$ 200m 325c
Perseverance5Subjugator Design1400$ 250m 400c
Unfettered Phase Jumps51400$ 250m 400c
Ruthlessness6Crusader Design1600$ 300m 475c
Mass Transcendence7"ExperienceConstantGainRate" +91.7%, "ExperienceConstantGainLevelCap" +200.0%, "ExperienceAwardedAdjustment" +25.0%1800$ 350m 550c


Contains research designed to improve hull integrity, armor strength, and the power of the Advent kinetic weapons.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Refined Frameworks0"HullPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "HullPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%400$ 0m 25c
Augmented Launchers1"BombingDamageAsDamageDealerAdjustment" +5.0%600$ 50m 100c
Elegant Hull Design2Refined Frameworks"HullPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "HullPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%800$ 100m 175c
PsiTech Propelled Bolts2Augmented Launchers"BombingDamageAsDamageDealerAdjustment" +5.0%800$ 100m 175c
Supreme Architecture4Elegant Hull Design"HullPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "HullPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Divine Launcher Arrays4PsiTech Propelled Bolts"BombingDamageAsDamageDealerAdjustment" +5.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Advanced Composites5"ArmorBaseAdjustment" +100.0%1400$ 250m 400c
Telekinetic Protection6Advanced Composites"ArmorBaseAdjustment" +100.0%1600$ 300m 475c

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