Iconus Guardian
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Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Support
Shield Power: 1500
Hull Points: 675
Armor Level: 2
Armor Type: Heavy
Weapons (Fore): Heavy Pulse Laser
Damage Type: Antiheavy
Antimatter: 350
Abilities: Shield Projection / Repulsion
Cost 525 credits, 110 metal, 120 crystal
Supply Slots 7
Build Time 40
.entity Filename FrigatePsiUtility1.entity

The Iconus Guardian is a relatively recent addition to the Advent fleet and reflects the new focus on ship shield technology. The hull of the ship is weak, but the Guardian has an extremely powerful shield generator, which can be projected outwards to protect nearby vessels. The shields do not completely prevent the target from being damaged, but they can help nearby ships to survive battles which would have otherwise have destroyed them. Guardians make excellent supporting ships and combined with offensively oriented ships, like the Destra, can be part of a devastating force.

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