Illuminator Vessel
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Ship Type: Frigate
Primary Role: Long-Range Combat
Shield Power: 550
Hull Points: 620
Armor Level: 2
Armor Type: Light
Weapons (Fore): Beam Cannon (more powerful then side cannons)
Weapons (Side): 2x Beam Cannon (Port/Starboard)
Damage Type: Antimedium
DPS: 16
Antimatter: 0
Abilities: Deceptive Illusion
Cost 380 credits, 60 metal, 55 crystal
Supply Slots 6
Build Time 29
.entity Filename FrigatePsiLongRange.entity

The Illuminator Vessel is a frightening sight to behold on the battlefield and a true testament to the Advent's mastery of beam technology. Featuring not one but three long-range beam cannons, the Illuminator can quickly tear through shields and hull, leaving nothing but a cloud of debris in its wake. Despite its weak armor, the Illuminator is able to survive due to its ability to project false images of itself into the minds of nearby enemies, confusing and bewildering them. The adversary facing a cohort of Illuminators can never be sure of how numerous his enemies really are.

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