Ship Type: Capital
Primary Role: Colonization
Shield Power: High
Hull Points: Very High
Armor Level: Medium
Armor Type: Capital
Antimatter: Medium
Weapons (Fore): 2 x Plasma Wave Cannons / 2 x Heavy Plasma Wave Cannon
Weapons (Side): 2 x Pulse Beam Projectors (Starboard / Port)
Squadrons Supported: 1 - 3
Special Abilities: Nano-Disassembler / Gravity Warhead / Colonize+ / Drain Planet
Compliment: 15,000
Cost: 3000 Credits 400 Metal 250 Crystal
Build Time: 68 Seconds
Supply: 50
Hull: 2800
Armor: 3
Sheilds: 1150
Antimatter: 250
Average Wave Damage: 13
Average Pulse Beam Damage: 19
Average Wave Damage: 5
Planet Bombing Damage: 40

The Jarrasul Evacutor is the largest capital ship known to exist in the galaxy and is truly a city in space. The Vasari rarely established surface colonies on occupied worlds, preferring instead to rule from orbit in these floating cities. The Jarrasul has been modified greatly during the exodus to serve the needs of the fleet. Its giant frontal maw can rip apart planets from orbit, inspiring both terror and utter destruction against its enemies. Extracted from the game manual.

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