Jikara Navigator
Jikara Navigator
Ship Type: Frigate
Primary Role: Exploration/Recon
Shield Power: 225
Hull Points: 425
Armor Level: 1
Armor Type: Light
Weapons (Fore): Plasma Pulse Gun
Damage Type: Antilight
Antimatter: 300
Cost 225 credits, 20 metal, 0 crystal
Supply Slots 3
Build Time 20
.entity Filename FrigatePhaseScout.entity

As the Vasari continue their long trek through space, it‘s the Jakaras that lead the way to safety. However, the Jakara is also used for quick strikes against unsuspecting mining installations and houses strike teams that can be deployed to capture enemy assets. Should it encounter enemy forces alone in unknown space, its unique Phasic Cloaking device can be used to either hide and observe enemy maneuvers or to avoid weapons fire, thereby giving it a high survivability without any support from the Exodus Fleet.

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