Kodiak Heavy Cruiser
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Ship Type: Cruiser
Primary Role: Heavy Combat
Shield Power: 600
Hull Points: 1050
Armor Level: 5
Armor Type: VeryHeavy
Weapons (Fore): Heavy AutoCannons
Damage Type: Composite
Antimatter: 0
Abilities: Intercept
Cost 500 credits, 100 metal, 70 crystal
Supply Slots 10
Build Time 60
.entity Filename FrigateTechHeavy.entity

Heavily armed and armored, the Kodiak is the most powerful warship in the TEC fleet outside of capital ships and was originally designed for clearing paths through dense, metal-rich asteroid fields. Capable of soaking huge amounts of damage, the Kodiak can quickly close in on its targets to unleash its powerful autocannon barrage. Many of the Kodiak crews are among the most battle experienced in the TEC fleet.Extracted from the game manual.

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