Ship Name Edit

Ship Type: Capital
Primary Role: Combat
Shield Power: High
Hull Points: Very High
Armor Level: Very High
Armor Type: Capital
Antimatter: Low
Weapons (Fore): 2 x Plasma Wave Cannons / 2 x Pulse Beam Projectors / 4 x Phase Missile Launchers
Weapons (Side): 2 x Pulse Beam Projectors (Starboard / Port)
Squadrons Supported: 1 - 2
Special Abilities: Power Surge / Jam Weapons / Disruptive Strikes / Volatile Nanites
Compliment: 9,000
Cost: 3000 Credits 400 Metal 200 Crystal
Build Time: 68 Seconds
Supply: 50
Hull: 2650
Armor: 5
Sheilds: 1475
Antimatter: 225
Average Wave Damage: 12
Average Pulse Damage: 30
Average Phase Missle Damage: 6
Planet Bombing Damage: 45

Like many ships in the Vasari fleet, the Kortul doubles as both a warship and a home for the remnants of the empire. As the lead assault class vessel, the Kortul has a number of defensive system that grant it impressive survivability in battle, which combined with a full complement of heavy weapons make it a force to be reckoned with. In the days of the Empire, Kortuls formed the backbone of every Wing of the Dark Fleet, and while the Exodus Fleet pales in comparison, the Kortuls perform much the same function with one exception: they no longer carry Variments of shock troopers. Extracted from the game manual.

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