Ship Type: Capital
Primary Role: Long-Range Assault/Planetary Bombardment
Shield Power: High
Hull Points: Very High
Armor Level: High
Armor Type: Capital
Antimatter: Unknown
Weapons (Fore): 6 x AutoCannons / 3 x Heavy Pulse Lasers / 8 x Ship-to-Ship Missile Banks / Ship-to-Surface Nuclear Missiles
Weapons (Side): 3 x Pulse Lasers (Port) / 2 x AutoCannons (Starboard)
Squadrons Supported: 0 - 1
Special Abilities: Radiation Bomb / Raze Planet / Incendiary Shells / Missile Barrage
Compliment: 2,500
Cost: 3000 Credits 400 Metal 250 Crystal
Build Time: 68 Seconds
Supply: 50
Hull: 2875
Armor: 4
Shields: 1150
Antimatter: 235
Average Missile Damage: 28
Average Laser Damage: 14
Average AutoCannon Damage: 12
Planet Bombing Damage: 57

With modest beginnings as a small planetoid destruction and recovery workhorse, the Marza-class dreadnought is the pinnacle of TEC military retrofitting engineering and is the most recent addition to the TEC arsenal. Immediately recognizable by its spinal mounted siege cannons, the Marza can bring crushing firepower to bear on hostile empires‘ settlements. Extracted from the game manual.

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