Why Raids happenEdit

Pirate raids occur when a the fifteen minute pirate countdown has expired and a player has either been randomly selected at the end of the grace period, or a player has incurred a greater bounty than the other players. Bounty is added to players, but never subtracted until the pirates collect. It's essentially an irreversible escrow system for the pirates. All players can add bounty on each other, but it tends to be one team against another with large amounts of bounty growing on two players, one from each team. This happens because where pirate raids are concerned it's not good to be the victim.

Pirate Raid SizesEdit

Pirate raids will, for the most part, occur against the player with the most bounty on their heads after the grace period, and targeted at a planet owned by that player which is the shortest distance from the pirate base. These raids will tend to be largely varied types of frigates supported by some cruisers. Raid fleets, even early in the game, are comprised of no less than twelve to fifteen ships. Raid fleets can be much larger later in a game.

Also, be warned, the pirate raiding fleet has to travel from the nearest pirate base to their target system. Which means that every owned planet along that path will get a harmless invasion alert.

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