Ship Type: Capital
Primary Role: Colonization / Support
Shield Power: High
Hull Points: High
Armor Level: Medium
Armor Type: Capital
Antimatter: Medium
Weapons (Fore): 2 x Pulse Laser Turrets
Weapons (Side): 2 x Heavy Plasma Turrets (Port / Starboard) /
3 x Pulse Laser Turrets (Starboard / Port) /
Ship-to-Surface Kinetic Bolts
Squadrons Supported: 1 - 3
Special Abilities: Shield Regeneration / Malice / Colonize+ / Resurrection
Compliment: 3,800
Cost: 3000 Credits 400 Metal 250 Crystal
Build Time: 68 Seconds
Supply: 50
Hull: 2350
Armor: 3
Sheilds: 1450
Antimatter: 265
Average Plasma Damage: 30
Average Laser Damage: 18
Planet Bombing Damage: 40

While the Advent certainly seek to exact revenge for their exile, they also strongly desire to spread the influence of the Unity. Few ships are as capable in this objective as Progenitor Motherships—their ability to tap into the Unity‘s collective consciousness is unrivalled. The most skilled Progenitor crews are so attuned to the Unity that they can psionically transfer the spirits of a destroyed ship‘s dead crew into another vessel. This ensures that the Advent‘s best and brightest are never truly lost, as their presence can be recovered and reinserted into willing hosts of the Unity. Extracted from the game manual.

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