Protev Colony Frigate
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Ship Type: Frigate
Primary Role: Colonization
Shield Power: 125
Hull Points: 1150
Armor Level: 0
Armor Type: Light
Weapons (Fore): AutoCannon
Damage Type: Antilight
Antimatter: 225
Abilities: Colonize / Crew Extractor
Cost 450 credits, 100 metal, 50 crystal
Supply Slots 6
Build Time 40
.entity Filename FrigateTechColony.entity

Once a new planet has been secured, a Protev is called in to deploy settlers and administrators on the new world. These ships must be protected from enemies at all times, as they are quickly destroyed in a firefight and barely able to defend themselves. Protev‘s also carry crews and equipment that can be used to establish remote mining bases. Extracted from the game manual.

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