Rapture Battlecruiser
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Primary Role: Planetary Bombardment / Support
Hull Points: 2100 (+80/lvl)
Shield Power: 1625 (+170/lvl)
Armor Level: 4 (+0.32/lvl)
Laser DPS: 11
Beam DPS: 9
Plasma DPS: 20.5
Bombing DPS: 43
+DPS/lvl 8%
Strikecraft: 1.25 (+0.25/lvl)
Antimatter: 280 (+45/lvl )
Cost 3000 credits, 400 metal, 200 crystal
Supply Slots 50
Build Time 75 seconds

Rapture Battlecruisers carry relatively few and often lighter weapon emplacements than most similarly sized capital ships, leading many early TEC captains to believe they were an easy target. Such smugness often gave way to display as their crews faltered and succumbed to the true strength of the Rapture: an abundance of both advanced PsiTech and the Advent‘s most gifted Battle Psintegrat. Extracted from the game manual.

Type: Active
Target: Enemy ships
Cost: 75
Cooldown: 20 sec
Duration: 25 sec
Range: 4500
Effects: Weapon cooldown: 10%->20%->30%
Chance to hit: 10%->20%->30%
Type: Active
Target: Single friendly ship
Cost: 75
Cooldown: 30->35->40 sec
Duration: 20->30->40 sec
Range: 4500
Effects: Damage retaliation: 40%->80%->120%
Concentration Aura
Type: Passive
Target: Friendly carriers
Range: 8000
Effects: Strikecraft damage: 10%->20%->30%
Type: Active
Target: Single enemy non-capital ship
Cost: 150
Cooldown: 90 sec
Range: 6000
Effects: Take control of target ship

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