The Warfare Tree is the combat research tree for the Vasari.


Give lines of research into new ship designs, defensive structures, antimatter tampering and phase space manipulation.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Assailant Prototype0400$ 0m 25c
Regeneration Bay0400$ 0m 25c
Destructor Prototype0400$ 0m 25c
Sentinel Prototype1600$ 50m 100c
Transporter Prototype2800$ 100m 175c
Interference31000$ 150m 250c
Charged Missiles3Assailant Prototype, Sentinel Prototype1000$ 150m 250c
Overseer Prototype31000$ 150m 250c
Enforcer Prototype41200$ 200m 325c
Subverter Prototype41200$ 200m 325c
Mobile Phase Detection4Overseer Prototype1200$ 200m 325c
Jump Degradation5Mobile Phase Detection1400$ 250m 400c
Distortion Field5Subverter Prototype1400$ 250m 400c
Jump Inhibition Immunity51400$ 250m 400c
Inertial Field6Enforcer Prototype1600$ 300m 475c
Kostura Prototype71800$ 350m 550c


Includes improvements to Vasari pulse weapons, phase missiles, plasma wave technology, and planetary bomardment weapons.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Phase Miniaturization0"WeaponIgnoresShieldsAdjustment" +5.0% for "Phasemissile" weapons400$ 0m 25c
Rapid Pulse Cycling0"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Pulsegun" weapons400$ 0m 25c
Enhanced Pulse Emission1Rapid Pulse Cycling"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Pulsegun" weapons600$ 50m 100c
Phase Prediction2Phase Miniaturization"WeaponIgnoresShieldsAdjustment" +5.0% for "Phasemissile" weapons800$ 100m 175c
Quick Pulse Streaming2Enhanced Pulse Emission"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Flashbeam" weapons800$ 100m 175c
Basic Wave Cannons3"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Wave" weapons1000$ 150m 250c
Intense Pulse Beams3Quick Pulse Streaming"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Flashbeam" weapons1000$ 150m 250c
Wave Amplification4Basic Wave Cannons"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Wave" weapons1200$ 200m 325c
Superior Missile Phasing4Phase Prediction"WeaponIgnoresShieldsAdjustment" +5.0% for "Phasemissile" weapons1200$ 200m 325c
Pinpoint Bombardment5Intense Pulse Beams"BombingRangeAdjustment" +13.3%1400$ 250m 400c
NME Warheads5Superior Missile Phasing"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +10.0% for "Phasemissile" weapons1400$ 250m 400c
Superior Wave Cannons6Wave Amplification"WeaponDamageAdjustment" +5.0% for "Wave" weapons1600$ 300m 475c


Provides new insights into ships skeletal reinforcement, automated healing nanites, armor strength, shield improvements and next-generation power system.

Name Tier Prereq Effect (Per level) Cost
Skeletal Reinforcement0"HullPointsMaxAdjustment" +6.3%, "HullPointsRegenAdjustment" +2.5%400$ 0m 25c
Self Repairing Systems1Skeletal Reinforcement"HullPointsMaxAdjustment" +2.5%, "HullPointsRegenAdjustment" +10.0%600$ 50m 100c
Reintegration1Self Repairing Systems600$ 50m 100c
Bifurcative Shielding2"ShieldPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "ShieldPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%800$ 100m 175c
Atomic Engineering2"ArmorBaseAdjustment" +100.0%800$ 100m 175c
Improved Reactor Design2"AntimatterCapacityAdjustment" +5.0%, "AntimatterRegenAdjustment" +5.0%800$ 100m 175c
Flawless Armor3Atomic Engineering"ArmorBaseAdjustment" +100.0%1000$ 150m 250c
Enhanced Hull Integrity3Self Repairing Systems"HullPointsMaxAdjustment" +6.3%, "HullPointsRegenAdjustment" +2.5%1000$ 150m 250c
Optimized Reactors4Improved Reactor Design"AntimatterCapacityAdjustment" +5.0%, "AntimatterRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Multi-Pass Shield Arrays4Bifurcative Shielding"ShieldPointsMaxAdjustment" +5.0%, "ShieldPointsRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1200$ 200m 325c
Atomic Lattice Armor5Flawless Armor"ArmorBaseAdjustment" +50.0%, "MassReduction" +4.0%1400$ 250m 400c
Superior Chain Reactions6Optimized Reactors"AntimatterCapacityAdjustment" +5.0%, "AntimatterRegenAdjustment" +5.0%1600$ 300m 475c

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