Star Wars: Requiem is a mod for Sins of a Solar EmpireEntrenchment, Diplomacy, and Rebellion that brings the following:


  • 2 new race; Alliance and Empire
  • 6 new strike craft; TIE Fighters, TIE Bombers, TIE Interceptors, X-Wings, B-wings and A-wings.
  • 11 new frigates; Nebulon B, Nebulon B2, Lancer Frigate, Tartan Patrol Craft, Carrack Gunship, Corellion Gunships, Corellion Corvettes, Siege Frigate Mk II, MC30b series, Acclamator I frigates and Galofree Transports
  • 9 new cruisers, Interdictor, Enforcer, Escort Carrier, Loronar Strike cruiser, MC40a light carriers, Nebulon B escorts, Bulk cruisers, Assault Frigate Mk I and Dreadnaughts
  • 9 new capital ships; Victory II-class Star Destroyer, Victory I-class Star Destroyer, Imperator-class Star Destroyer, Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, Venator-class Star Destroyer, Mon Calamari 80 and 80a, Mon Calamari Defiance and Liberty class.
  • 2 new starbase: the Alliance XQ1 platform and the Empire with an Executor Super Star Destroyer starbase model
  • 3 new weapons; concussion missiles, proton torpedoes and ion cannons
  • 60 new ship names with unique Alliance and Imperial star destroyer names
  • 23 new music themes consisting of ambient and battle soundtracks
  • over dozens of new ship audio and sound effects
  • Star Wars player portraits
  • Alliance and Empire icon symbols
  • a modified Alliance and Imperial research tree, with unique abilities (Interdiction, Tractor Beam, Shield Focus. Boarding Party, Rebel Defenders etc,)
  • Star Wars EU immersion through appropriate ship use, laser color replacement for all ships and text descriptions updated

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