Takes antimatter from a target enemy ship and adds it to this ship's antimatter reserves.


This ability steals a portion of Antimatter from any ship or planet module within range, except capital ships and titans, making this ability highly effective at shutting down Hangar Bays and Carriers, as well as support ships. It requires three Temples of Hostility to research.


When used effectively Disciple Vessel's in conjunction with Defense Vessel's are highly effective at dealing with Hangars and Carriers. Since carriers require antimatter to build strikecraft, this will decrease their contribution to the battle while the Defense Vessels mop up the existing strike craft. This can also be used to hard counter support ships such as the Hoshiko Robotics Cruiser or Serevun Overseer by draining their Antimatter in order to stop them from helping their fleets. You do need a good number of Disciple Vessels to accomplish this however.

Upgrade Level



Range Cooldown Targets
1 25 6000 10 Enemy Ships/Structures

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