An enemy unit under the effect of suppression

Suppression in action

Suppression being used in battle

Suppression is the default ability for the Domina Subjugator. It is very similar to the Revelation Battlecruiser's Reverie, or the Akkan Battlecruiser's Ion Bolt, but only targets frigates and cruisers. The results for the target are abilities disabled, construction disabled, phase jump disabled, and weapons disabled.

Official Description: Telekinetically overpowers the crew and systems of the target ship, preventing them from moving, attacking, or using abilities.


Very good at singling out support cruisers or massed carriers as it shuts down their primary role. Also if you have a handful of Dominas, and your enemy is in a state of retreat using suppression on their cruisers is a great way to get some free kills.

Upgrade Level Duration Range Cooldown Antimatter Cost Targets
0 90 6000 30 74 Enemy Frigates/Cruisers

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