Ability User: Rapture Battlecruiser
Ability Type: Active
Target: Targets enemy frigates and cruisers.
Antimatter Cost: 75
Cooldown Time: 20
Duration: 25
Range: 4500
  • Weapon cooldown: 10% -> 20% -> 30%
  • Chance to hit: -10% -> -20% -> -30%

Reduces Hit Chance and increases weapon cooldown of affected enemy forces. Extracted from the game.

The effective damage reduction on affected units from the combined penalty is: 19% -> 36% -> 51%

There is no limit to the number of affected targets, so this ability is particularly effective against tightly clustered forces. This is also one of the few ways Advent has to reduce the damage they receive from phase missiles, although it does not effect the most damaging phase missile unit, the Vasari Bomber. Remember that Vertigo's cooldown is shorter than its duration, so leaving it on autocast could cause it to waste antimatter on targets that are already under the effect.

This ability is useful to reduce the performance of some kind of ship you do not want to fulfill its function, for example, reduce the damage caused by long-range vessels.

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