Volcanic Planet

What Ice Planets lack in warmth is more than made up for by Volcanic Planets. Planets of this type are unstable and riddled with geological activity. They tend to be metal rich and, with the proper equipment, can support population centers.


They have a severely low population, even lower than an Ice Planet. However, they are rich in metals and easily maintained upon colonization. The Vasari are very fond of these types of planets being the only race that can improve habitation on the world by 30%.

These planets will always have 2-4 metal extractors.

Planetary UpgradesEdit

PlanetType MaxPop. MaxHealth Max Slots Extractors Max Research Increase (+Pop.)
Log. Tac. M C Advent TEC Vasari
Volcanic World 70 6000 20 35 2-4 - - - 60% (+42)

Known Volcanic PlanetsEdit

  • Kron - Was the name of the Vasari planet where whatever caused the Vasari to flee originated.

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