Wail of the Sacrificed
Race: Advent
User: Temple of Communion
Type: N/A
Target: Enemy ships and structures
Antimatter Cost: 0
Cooldown: 0 sec
Duration: 0 sec
Range: Adjacent Gravity wells
Effects: Deals 20 damage per point of population, sacrifices entire population of planet.

Wail of the Sacrificed is an ability for the Advent Rebel's Temple of Communion that allows it to sacrifice a planet's population to deal damage to all ships and structures in adjacent gravity wells. Make sure that your fleet or at least the fragile part of it is not at adjacent planets from the source or they will be destroyed with the enemy.

On large population planets this ability can do tremendous amounts of damage and utterly wipe out entire fleets and significantly damage capital ships. As those ships are usually not in combat when the effect hits they will only have basic shield mitigation for protection.

How to use it:

The potential catastrophic damage of wail can put a swift end to any belated rushing attempt of your enemy. So especially on larger maps the Advent Rebel can get away with focusing on economic grow more than on military might.A especially good tactic is not to wail the enemy fleet immediatly... but instead first moving in your Titan. This will net it a huge XP boost that could prove crucial for future battles. On the other hand if you are the enemy and you see a lone Titan approaching a potential wail target, run like hell.

How to defeat it:

TEC: Novalith the planet... with lower population count the damage goes down as well. Or suicide a few Krosovs.

Vasari: Use Kostura and jump in right on the dangerous planet.... quite easy. Just watch out for possible overlapping wail.

Generally: Use your Titan and your capitalships to bomb the planet. Those vessels are durable enough to withstand wail.

Development: This ability received a change in Rebellion Patch ? . Before it would only affect hostile ships, now it does affect your own and allied ships, too.

With Patch 1.50 it received a damage nerf and 2 Levels.

Damage per population point Level 1: 5

Damage per population point Level 2: 10

With the DLC Forbidden Worlds and its much higher population limits,  this nerf is however often compensated, so approaching an Advent Rebel can be a very dangerous move.

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