The Zendar Inquisition (Formerly The Zendar Sect) is an Advent Rebel Coalescence consisting of (in TEC space) 100 Planets and a Capital Planet The Coalescence has over 10,000 million citizens, making it fourth most populous Empire yet. It has the 8th most well-funded army, despite rarely using it. It is one of the leaders in Advent science, and is a prominent cultural and political force. It's current Coalescent is Zaich Zendar (Who has recently gained the nickname of "Turban Guy" and is one of the first male coalescents), descendent of it's founder, Xiir.



The current population is approximately 100,000,000,000. Their population tripled within TEC space.

It's population growth rate is 0.7% and about 89% of the Zendar Inquisition members live in urban areas.


The typical Advent psionic communication is the de facto language of Zendar. Vasari, spoken by 12% of the population at home, is also considered a Sect favorite.


As with all Advent, their religion is the Unity. That is the only religion of the sect.

Government and PoliticsEdit

They are one of the few Constitutional Coalescences, where all roles but the Coalescent are decided by a vote.


The Zendar is primarily split between the Harmony party, focused on trying to make the nation closer to the unity, and the Psi party, focused on individuality. In recent times, the Psi party has gotten the majority vote.


They have a developed military, with a Titan and multiple capital ships. They so far have researched ALL ships.

Science and TechnologyEdit

They are far ahead in research, especially in the Harmony tree. They are currently considered one of the most developed Coalescences ever


The Coalescence was named after it's founder, Xiir Zendar 100 years ago, then called the Zendar Sect) When the rebellion began, it called itself the Zendar Inquisition. It was one of the first Advent Coalescences to discover Titans.


They have a decent economy, with quick incomes and many credits.


Education is a priority, with a Very High development rating from the United Empires.


Their planets usually have at least two Frigate Factories and multiple Temples. They also have many trade ports and a starbase.


Their Temples of Communions are well-known and far-reaching, though they rarely have much effect on other cultures.

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